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“Who are you wearing?”

"Who are you wearing?"

NEW Boy’s Basketball Shoes


Feeling Fit in Fit Flops?

Fit FlopsBeing 9 years old has advantages

Fun …How?

At FitFlop we believe that our ‘newness’ at shoemaking gives us the freedom to dream. To see footwear with fresh eyes – and
deliver equal parts fun, fearlessness and functionality.

Expert …Why?

Nine years ago, when we first put our precision ergonomics
under a set of sporty looking flip flop* straps, the only rules
we followed were dictated by our expert biomechanists.

Comfortable …Sure?

We put their advice into practice, created our triple-density
Microwobbleboard midsole, and launched it in the first FitFlop sandal. Now you’ll find our magic midsoles in shoes, boots, clogs and sneakers too.

And we’re repeatedly told, by happy customers, that we make the most comfortable footwear in the world.

Happy …What?

Our focus is still on delivering the best in biomechanics, but now in a wider variety of styles, so our customers can have that ‘happy FitFlop feeling’ any and every ‘wear’.

Great …Why?

Because at FitFlop, we believe that when your feet feel great, you can DO anything.

Think Pink at Incredible Feets!

Think Pink

Think Pink

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