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Coming Feb. 18th Air Jordan 4 Retro “Cement”

The Air Jordan "White Cement" colorway is dressed in a mostly white upper with black used for contrast on the outsole and plastic eyelets. Cement print also makes an appearance along the mudguard, and can also be seen on the lace straps. Complete with cement print and the cement box, the Retro’s return to grace will also be accompanied by the long since forgotten orange tag with the Jumpman logo with the word “AIR” beneath him. Tumbled leather keeps the shoe true to its roots as well as the varsity red highlights on the lower eyelets and liner.
* Note that this shoe is only available in very limited quantity and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis; limited to 1 pair of shoes per customer.

Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Cement
Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Cement
Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Cement
Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Cement

CELEBRITY EVENT Mar. 17th John Starks of the New York Knicks from 2-4PM Saturday

John Starks of the New York Knicks is coming to Incredible Feets Bellmore (2975 Merrick Rd) NY location on Saturday, March 17th from 2-4PM – featuring signed autographed pictures to the first 100 fans & raffle for a free pair of Ektio sneakers.

Incredible Feets is currently the ONLY dealer in the United States that you can walk-in and try-on a pair of Ektio shoes
John Starks of the New York Knicks

Ektio sneakers are doctor invented, clinically tested, and designed to protect against the number ONE orthopedic injury in the world, and the most common injury on the basketball court, sprained ankles. The Ektio sneakers incorporate built-in straps within the walls of the shoe that support the outside ligaments of the ankle. The technology also incorporates side bumpers located on the lateral side of the shoe to provide maximum stability. Clinical studies showed that Ektio technology does not inhibit any of the necessary motions of the ankle needed to perform at the highest level, allowing you to play harder, with higher confidence, and maximized performance.
Ektio Sneakers
Why is the Ektio technology a better alternative than wearing an ankle brace or tape? Ektio technology is designed to bring the foot and the shoe together as a single unit where the foot and the shoe move in the same direction. When wearing a brace or tape, the foot is attached to the brace, but not to the shoe, which allows for movement within the shoe. If the shoe rolls while wearing a brace or tape, the ankle will move in an opposite direction and could result in tearing of the ligament.
Ektio Strap

John Starks of the New York Knicks has been a firm believer in Ektio's revolutionary technology and has been with the company since he got wind of the company. John has claimed numerous times that he wishes this technology was available while he was playing. Ektio and John Starks are on a mission to educate athletes worldwide about the effects of ankle sprains and how they can impact a career. Remaining healthy is vital to success and John Starks believes Ektio's technology is the best solution on the market today.

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